a Roadtrek Van featuring Ezee-lift a closeup photo of the Ezee-lift device mounted on a Roadtrek van

Ezee-Lift makes it a snap to raise or
lower your Roadtrek's spare tire by
taking most of the weight off your Back. It is small, durable and simple to install!

How It Works

Ezee-Lift is a patent-pending device that transfers most of your spare wheel's weight to a tensioned spring that is mounted under the vehicle. It makes raising the spare wheel about as easy as picking up two jugs of milk! Here is what you need to know about Ezee-Lift:

  • Requires no modifications to your vehicle
  • Compact design blends in well
  • Powder-coated for extra durability
  • Ships fully assembled for easy installation
  • Total weight: 15 lbs
  • You can easily adjust the spring tension

Easier Cargo Access

Ezee-Lift makes it a snap to access your Roadtrek's rear cargo area. Space that is usually inconvenient suddenly becomes easy to reach! You will be amazed at how much more that space gets used once it is easy to lower the tire out of the way.

A photo showing Ezee-Lift in action
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  • "I purchased and installed the Ezee-Lift on my 2010 210 Popular. It does what it says: makes lowering and raising the continental tire very easy. Now I can utilize both back doors for storage. I would highly recommend this product."
  • -- Florida
  • "We agree with you. We also installed an Ezee-Lift and love it!"
  • -- California
  • "I received the Ezee-Lift on June 30th, as you promised. I installed it on July 1st. It works great!"
  • -- Ohio
  • "Yesterday I installed the Ezee-Lift system. From now on there will be no hesitation whatsoever in lowering the spare wheel. This mechanism is professionally designed and built and easily installed."
  • -- Idaho
  • "I purchased the Ezee-Lift and had some help installing it. I'm very impressed! Now it's no problem using both back doors of my 210 Popular. Such a great invention!"
  • -- Florida
  • "I finally had time to install the Ezee-Lift today. It all went smooth. It works great. It sure makes tire work easy!"
  • -- Michigan

About the Manufacturer

Ezee-Lift is built by Ezee Fabricators, LLC. This is a small company headed by a Roadtrek owner who has spent 35 years as a mechanical engineer. That means you can be sure you are ordering a rugged, proven product!

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that Ezee Fabricators is an independent corporation not affiliated with Home&Park or Roadtrek. References to those companies on this website are purely to illustrate the application of Ezee-Lift on their products.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to make sure your Roadtrek is compatible with Ezee-Lift, please click the button below to send us an email. We will reply quickly! Alternately, you can reach us by phone or mail.

By Mail

Ezee Fabricators, LLC
PO Box 427
Mansfield Center, CT 06250

By Phone

9 to 5 ET, Mon - Fri